About Plaster Carousel: 

We are  a plaster craft painting studio that is always open to the public. No reservation is needed. We offer over 1,000 different crafts to choose from and there are no hidden fees. All supplies and time are included in the price of the craft you choose. A finished of your choice can be a glazed and glitter if you would like. There is no age restriction and it is a very therapeutic wonderful way to relax for all. All worries go away so then you can relax, paint and socialize with other guests.

We have a very friendly staff that will always be willing to asset you in any way. There’s only one store like this, so you are welcome to come anytime. We would like to meet you and show you how it works! If you enjoy your visit to Plaster Carousel we would like for you to tell your friends about us.

Our paint is NON-TOXIC We welcome your feedback and comments. Thanks for visiting our site!